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Sauk Centre, MN to Burlington, IA via pickup in Holdingford, MN and delivery in Burlington, IA

Logbook Triplog Trailer Logbook Start: Sauk Centre, MN Finish: Burlington, IA Triplog Pickup Trailer: Polar Tank Trailers, LLC. 12810 County Road 17 Holdingford, MN 56340 320-746-2255 Deliver To: W. W. Transport 701 E. Mount Pleasant ST Burlington, IA 52655 319-754-1944 Trip# 39100 Polar Bulk Tanker VIN: 1PMB14327B2037799 Trailer

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Carrington, ND to Sauk Centre, MN

Start: Carrington, ND Finish: Sauk Centre, MN

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Bismarck, ND to Carrington, ND via delivery in Tioga, ND

Start: Bismarck, ND Finish: Carrington, ND

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Grand Island, NE to Bismarck, ND

Start: Grand Island, NE Finish: Bismarck, ND

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Newton, KS to Grand Island, NE

Start: Newton, KS Finish: Grand Island, NE

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Lindale, TX to Newton, KS

Start: Lindale, TX Finish: Newton, KS

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Dew, TX to Lindale, TX via pickup in Silsbee, TX

Logbook Triplog Trailer Logbook Start: Dew, TX Finish: Lindale, TX Triplog Pickup Trailer: Dragon Products 972 FM92 North Silsbee, TX 77656 409-386-0589 Deliver To: Key Energy Services 10446 67th St. NW Tioga, ND 58852 701-664-3900 Trip# 39010 Dragon Frac Tank VIN: 90370 Trailer

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