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AireDock offers Truckers relief from extreme temperatures and anti idling laws

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Roger Southall and Jerry Ruschsau of AireDock Florida Turnpike Okahumka Rest Area

The summer has hit Florida with a vengeance, temperatures are well into the 90’s and 100’s, with the all too common tropical humidity that we Floridians have become accustomed to. Unfortunately, for those driving trucks and spending their evenings in Florida, the evenings can be uncomfortable, to say the least.

A major safety concern has been the issue of truck driver fatigue.  Drivers are expected to rest and are mandated by law to take a 10 hour break. There are many reasons that drivers suffer from fatigue, including the demanding and sacrificial lifestyle they endure. One thing is for certain however, it is extremely difficult to rest when one is experiencing extreme climate conditions in the cab of their truck.

Many companies restrict their drivers from idling, which means “hot and sticky” in Florida as well as freezing winters in the northern states.  Also, strict state environment anti idling laws have restricted the time that OTR drivers can idle their trucks in order to maintain safe and comfortable conditions.

Many trucks have APU’s ( Auxiliary Power Unit)  to aid with these extreme climate changes which commonly occur throughout the country.  APU’s help professional drivers deal with, not only the harsh climate changes, but also state anti idling laws, and even company idling restrictions.  Many drivers are company drivers, and unfortunately, not all companies provide their drivers with trucks equipped with an APU.  ( Most Owner Operators have invested in APU’s)

AireDock is a TSE  ( truck stop electrification) non idling solution for professional truck drivers who want to create a comfortable environment within their truck. The unit hooks up to your truck and uses Personal Thermostatically-controlled HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) Clean, Filtered Fresh Air ( not recycled).
Truck drivers can enjoy complete comfort with electrical hookups, personalized heating or cooling and high-speed internet, for $1.99/hour.

One of the features that drivers seem to find appealing is the self service credit card feature. The AireDock system is designed to be a stand-alone, self-service solution with individual payment systems and user controls located within each unit.

TSE electrification addresses many of the concerns that OTR drivers have:

  • maintaining comfort in extreme climate without idling
  • saving fuel from idling
  • Saving maintenance costs by excessive use of  APU units
  • save the environment
  • Internet connector with service provided
  • Self Service- No need to get out of their trucks.

Craufurd Manufacturing LLC, the owner of AireDock®, was formed in 2006 specifically to develop and manufacture a totally new form of Truck Stop Electrification Equipment. The result after some 3 years of development is the AireDock Unit, suitable for any type of Truck Stop or Rest Area. Privately funded, Craufurd has already delivered and installed over 150 AireDock® units over some 6 sites and expects to have built this to over 500 units over 20 sites by the end of 2011.

Roger Southall holding Universal Window Adapter from AireDock Unit

Operational Sites:

MAINE – WEST GARDINER REST AREA located on I95 Turn Pike
OHIO – INDIAN MEADOWS REST AREA, Ohio Turn Pike (I90) Mile Post 20.8

TEXAS – ALVARADO SHELL, 200 W. Highway 67 Alvarado, TX 76009

TENNESSEE – NORTH I 40 (July 2011)

Universal Window Adapter Provides:

  • Thermostatically controlled Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Personal duplex GFCI 115v 20Amp power plug for TV, Computer and other personal electrical items in the cab
  • Internet RJ45 connector with service provided

Recently Donna Smith met at the Okahumka Rest area on the Florida Turnpike with Roger Southall , the AireDock sales manager, and Jerry Ruschsau  of J R Enterprises South LLC, South Eastern Regional Manager. Roger and Jerry showed Donna the ease of the AireDock system as well as the benefits the unit offers OTR drivers.

Roger Southall and Donna Smith at Okahumka Rest Area on Florida's Turnpike discussing benefits of AireDock units for OTR drivers

We are proud to have AireDock as one of our Silver Sponsors, supporting the professional CDL drivers,  for the “2011 Truck Driver Social Media Convention”

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Truck Drivers to Face Stricter DOT Medical Exams

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Pro Trucker - Ed Webb

Pro Trucker – Ed Webb

Truck driver, Ed Webb learned first-hand how states are increasing their attention to the testing of sleep apnea. After being woke up by an Indiana state trooper when he heard snoring coming from the truck, he found himself being audited by the State of Indiana.

Although Webb is quick to mention that CPAP treatment has “changed my life,” his story of how he arrived there shows a growing trend by the states in becoming more aggressive in their approach to drivers who may suffer from the sleep apnea condition.

Mr. Webb will join us on Truth About Trucking “LIVE” on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 at 7 PM Eastern time to share his story.

Ed was featured in the June, 2011 issue of Truckers News Magazine cover story, Medically Certified, and senior editors Max Kvidera and Todd Dills will also be our guests to discuss their examination of medical certification regulations at both the Federal and State levels.

Todd Dills

Todd Dills

Max Kvidera

Max Kvidera

Webb’s story is a case in point to increased state-level attention to the sleep apnea condition — the state of Indiana audits the treatment of drivers with sleep apnea, as he found out in November of 2009.

Hear his story as we discuss how stricter DOT medical examinations will be placing the professional truck driver under more scrutiny and examine the possibilities of the states getting between the licensed physician and the driver.

Examining Truck Drivers Medical Certification Regulations

06.22.11 — 7 PM Eastern

Only On:

Truth About Trucking "LIVE"

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Who is attending the 2011 Truck Driver Convention?

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As the time quickly goes by, the 2011 Truck Driver Social Media Convention approaches. As we look at the attendees list,  guests, speakers, entertainment and sponsors who are supporting the convention, a notable trend is observed: those who want to make a positive difference, not only in trucking, but also in life.

Attendees-Many individuals have already reserved their tickets,  others have written and expressed intentions to definitely attend, and still more  have signed upon social media sites as “definitely attending” or “maybe attending.”  These are the folks who have a desire to improve circumstances for themselves and others within the trucking industry.  Most are CDL drivers from the US and Canada ( with 4 attending from Norway!)  I received  emails from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand in support of the event and expressing their desire to have a similar event in their own countries.

Many speak about the need for more brotherhood and unity. Others talk about how the event will address the need to be more informed.  They strongly believe that by being united, informed, and by taking action, they can create a positive influence regarding their careers and the many issues and causes that directly affect them.

Our guests who are attending are those who also have given greatly to the trucking industry and to humanity:

Hope Rivenburg– Chief crusader and lobbyist for Jason’s Law, HR 1803, and widow of trucker Jason Rivenburg. Hope was voted as the winner of the “Making a Difference Award” which will be presented to her at the Convention by The Load Post ( a bronze sponsor)

Kylla Leeburg — Truckers Against Trafficking started a grass roots movement with her mother and sisters to bring about awareness to the trucking industry and the human trafficking seriousness existing throughout the country.

David Ayers and Barry Allen -Two songwriters who felt the deep concerns of truckers and the issues they face daily. Their CD “When the Big Rigs Don’t Roll” included songs describing these issues that drivers face with the most popular song right now being “Say a Prayer for Jason” in memory of slain trucker Jason Rivenburg. David and Barry are strong supporters of Jason’s Law ( HR 1803) calling for more safe truck parking. They were also moved by the human trafficking problem and recently wrote the song “Not for Sale” which is displayed on Truckers Against Trafficking’s website.

St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund not-for-profit organization that provides assistance to professional truck drivers whose medical problems have led to financial hardship. SCF also conducts health research to benefit professional drivers and the trucking industry. If you remember, one year ago, Jazzy Jordon ran 3000 miles to help raise funds for St Christopher’s.

Our Speakers:

  • LEGALTrucking Employment Law
    Paul Taylor (known as “the whistleblower”) of Truckers Justice Center has helped thousands of drivers in many diverse situations
    Eddie Gichuhi of
    Trip Street Central, a software engineer who decided to go OTR and then analyzed what Owner Operators needed to make their business SUCCESSFUL, and then designed a program to DO IT!
  • TRUCKING JOBS and Careers
    James McCormack
    of Trucking Careers of America– the “trucking job wizard” who has helped thousands of drivers find employment, matching them with the “right” CDL school or company.
    Richard Wilson of
    TranProducts, a regulatory specialist who has helped drivers and carriers understand the new government regulations, petitions and proposals being introduced and how they can effect you: CSA, your PSP report, EOBR’s, speed limiters, HOS, OBMS, etc.
    Austin Walsh, a young man who is famous throughout the social media world, teaching people how to spread their message to millions.

Our Entertainment – The Truckers Tracks Band with Johnny Neel, formerly of The Allman Brothers Band and Jan McCarter who are actively involved in many of the issues and humanitarian drives across the country.

Our sponsors also actively support professional CDL drivers and the issues that are important to them.

Recently two of our Bronze sponsors have a campaign to raise support for Jason’s Law and Truckers Against Trafficking.

  • Hotels4Truckers LLC is offering free membership to all CDL drivers who participate in the National Call in Day to Washington on June 23rd to Support Jason’s Law. They have also paid for advertising in “The Trucker” in support of HR 1803, Jason’s Law.

Our sponsors  are  supporters and concerned about  improving the way of life for professional truck drivers:

Who is attending the “First Annual Truck Driver Social Media Convention?

The answer: Professional CDL drivers and those individuals, companies, and organizations who support them.

Join us on October 15th 2011 to unite, honor, recognize and support professional CDL drivers!

© 2011, AskTheTrucker. All rights reserved.

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2011 National Call in Day For Jason’s Law Set For June 23rd

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Jasons Law- The Right to Rest

It’s been over 2 years now since the murder of truck driver Jason Rivenburg. By now, most everyone within the trucking industry is familiar with the story of  New York state resident and OTR truck driver, Jason Rivenburg who was shot and killed as he parked for the evening to rest in an abandoned gas station  in South Carolina.

The senseless murder is not the first of its kind regarding violent actions towards truck drivers as they park to rest.  Professional drivers have been facing a significant shortage of truck parking for many years ( over 20) and it is all too common for drivers to have to park on exit or entrance ramps, highway shoulders or in isolated areas, as Jason did.  Adding to the existing lack of truck parking problem is the recent closing of many state rest areas due to budget deficits.

The combination of the serious lack of safe truck parking, combined with the traumatic loss of her  husband, caused the young widow, Hope Rivenburg, to make a stand for all drivers. She instinctively began addressing in Washington, D. C. the serious truck parking problem that drivers face daily, as they attempt to find a safe haven to take their  needed and federally required rest.  She has not stopped since.

Shortly after the death of her husband Jason, Hope and her family contacted and met with NY Assemblyman Peter Lopez and  NY Congressman Paul Tonko.  On April 28th 2009, Congressman Tonko brought legislation for bill HR 2156 to the house floor.
Jason’s Law, as it was called, was introduced as a 6 year Pilot Program for $20 million per year, for the purpose of providing safe and adequate parking for professional CDL drivers.

For the last two years since her husbands’ death, Hope has been lobbying , making phone calls to Washington, having fund raisers and doing whatever it takes to ensure the passing of Jason’s Law…the hope for drivers to have safe places to rest. Take a look at her journal for just the year 2009 to get an idea of what she has accomplished.

On May 11th 2011, Congressman Tonko held a press conference to announce the reintroducing of Jason’s Law as bill  HR 1803.  Along with Representative Tonko was Hope Rivenburg and supporters from various organizations  within the Industry:  OOIDA, NATSO, AMSA, CVSA and the ATA.

Hope is now preparing to go back to Washington to lobby once again for professional drivers, trying to acquire more co-sponsors for Jason’s Law. She pays for this herself….and she does it for others.

Last week on our Truth About Trucking radio show with guests Hope Rivenburg and Congressman Tonko, Hope announced that the next National call-in day for Jason’s Law will be June 23rd 2011. From 9 am to 5 PM, she is asking everyone to call their representatives.  Congressman Tonko explained on the show how to address your concerns with the staffer when you call. If you missed the show you can listen to the replay.

If you believe that there is a need for more safe truck parking, then we all must do our part. Make the call to your representatives on June 23rd!
Don’t know who they are?  Washington Switchboard:  1-202-224-3121 or 1-800-962-3524

  • Informative  video :  “How to Call Congress”

Ask for the transportation staffer and then explain that you would like them to support Jason’s Law, HR 1803.  Be ready to explain why it is so important to you, which should be easy.

Here is what one trucker is doing to further his support for Jason’s Law:

Dan Fuller of Hotels4Truckers LLC posted the “Call in Day for Jason’s Law” on his ad in The Trucker newspaper.  Thanks, Dan!

Hotels4Truckers LLC

For those who would like to help Hope Rivenburg out with her traveling expenses back and forth to Washington:

1) Donations can be made to:
Jason Rivenburg Memorial Fund
c/o Trustco Bank
1900 Altamont Ave.
Rotterdam, NY 12303

2) Order “When the Big Rigs Don’t Roll” CD with the song Say a Prayer for Jason
David Ayers and Barry Allen are continuing to donate a % of the proceeds to Hope and her family.

"When the Big RIgs Don't Roll"

© 2011, AskTheTrucker. All rights reserved.

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Jason’s Law Update with Congressman Paul Tonko

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Congressman Paul Tonko

Congressman Paul Tonko

Congressman Paul Tonko will be our guest on Truth About Trucking “LIVE” this Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 to give an update on the process towards more safe and secure parking areas for the nation’s truck drivers.

Known as Bill H. R. 1803, Congressman Tonko recently announced the re-introduction of the bill, more commonly known as Jason’s Law,  in Washington, D.C. on May 11th, 2011.

Named after truck driver, Jason Rivenburg, we will also be joined by his widow, Hope Rivenburg, who will share her continued works and efforts on this important issue.

Hope Rivenburg

Hope Rivenburg

  • The live broadcast will begin at 7 PM Eastern time :

Jason’s Law Update with Congressman Paul Tonko

© 2011, AskTheTrucker. All rights reserved.

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