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Jasons Law has been added to the Re-authoriztion of the  Senate Transportation Bill-MAP 21 ( moving ahead for progress in the 21st Century )

We received a call this morning from an elated Hope Rivenburg, informing us that Jasons Law was included in the Senate Re-authorization,  the bill will be marked up Wednesday.  During the markup, a business meeting will determine if the bill will pass or fail ( it is expected to pass)
You can watch the meeting live on the Environment and Public Works Committee website:

You can call up the Committee today to ensure the language for Jasons Law remains within the Bill

Majority Office
phone: 202-224-8832

Minority Office
phone: 202-224-6176

On Monday, June 13, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, reintroduced his bill – S1187 – to address the shortages of long-term parking for commercial vehicles along the nation’s highways. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, is a co-sponsor to the bill, which has been referred to the Committee on Environment and Public Works.

Jasons Law has been added to the Transportation Bill, replacing the wording for “truck parking facilities”
P392 Section 1401

4 Subtitle D—Highway Safety

5 SEC. 1401. JASON’S LAW.

6 (a) IN GENERAL.—It is the sense of Congress that

7 it is a national priority to address projects under this sec8

tion for the shortage of long-term parking for commercial

9 motor vehicles on the National Highway System to im10

prove the safety of motorized and nonmotorized users and

11 for commercial motor vehicle operators.

12 (b) ELIGIBLE PROJECTS.—Eligible projects under

13 this section are those that—

14 (1) serve the National Highway System; and

15 (2) may include the following:

16 (A) Constructing safety rest areas (as de17

fined in section 120(c) of title 23, United

18 States Code) that include parking for commer19

cial motor vehicles.

20 (B) Constructing commercial motor vehicle

21 parking facilities adjacent to commercial truck

22 stops and travel plazas.

23 (C) Opening existing facilities to commer24

cial motor vehicle parking, including inspection

25 and weigh stations and park-and-ride facilities.


O:\DEC\DEC11672.xml [file 3 of 7] S.L.C.

1 (D) Promoting the availability of publicly

2 or privately provided commercial motor vehicle

3 parking on the National Highway System using

4 intelligent transportation systems and other

5 means.

6 (E) Constructing turnouts along the Na7

tional Highway System for commercial motor

8 vehicles.

9 (F) Making capital improvements to public

10 commercial motor vehicle parking facilities cur11

rently closed on a seasonal basis to allow the fa12

cilities to remain open year-round.

13 (G) Improving the geometric design of

14 interchanges on the National Highway System

15 to improve access to commercial motor vehicle

16 parking facilities.


18 (1) IN GENERAL.—The Secretary, in consulta19

tion with relevant State motor carrier safety per20

sonnel, shall conduct a survey regarding the avail21

ability of parking facilities within each State—

22 (A) to evaluate the capability of the State

23 to provide adequate parking and rest facilities

24 for motor carriers engaged in interstate motor

25 carrier service;


O:\DEC\DEC11672.xml [file 3 of 7] S.L.C.

1 (B) to assess the volume of motor carrier

2 traffic through the State; and

3 (C) to develop a system of metrics to

4 measure the adequacy of parking facilities in

5 the State.

6 (2) RESULTS.—The results of the survey under

7 paragraph (1) shall be made available to the public

8 on the website of the Department of Transportation.

9 (3) PERIODIC UPDATES.—The Secretary shall

10 periodically update the survey under this subsection.

11 (d) TREATMENT OF PROJECTS.—Notwithstanding

12 any other provision of law, projects funded through the

13 authority provided under this section shall be treated as

14 projects on a Federal-aid system under chapter 1 of title

15 23, United States Code.

The House Transportation Committee will be drafting their own Transportation Re-authorization Bill.  The date of their bill to be submitted is still not yet determined.
Please call the Transportation and tell them to also include the language for Jasons Law into the their Bill


If the Senate and House versions of the Transportation Bill are different they will then go to Conference Committee to work out the differences.


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