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Trucking Members and Organizations join forces with Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

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Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

It’s been almost a year and a half since the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network was founded and organized. The network is a helpful source for family members, aiding in the location of their loved ones who have been officially reported missing.

This week there have been 3 drivers reported to the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network: William Ogle, a Swift driver who was found safe.
Raleigh Heskett, who remains missing, and Raymond White, a SRT driver who was found deceased in his truck on 7/14/13.

This weeks course of event has struck a nerve with many within the industry.  The family of Raymond White, the SRT driver who was found deceased on July 14th, had no way to bring his body or belongings home. Missing Truck Driver Alert has told us that SRT does not include this “service” as part of their employee obligations, and because of financial difficulties, the family appeared to be in dire straights until various organizations stepped up and joined forces with Missing Truck Driver Alert Network ( MTDAN)

Ernie Gutierrez, President of the the Professional Truckers Association contacted Kari and Lee Fisher, founders of MTDAN, offering the help of PTA to the family by collecting funds. Kari agreed and over $200.00 was collected by PTA and sent to the family.

Kari contacted Virginia Arnold and Tony Hamilton of Trucker Charity and the “Last Ride Home” program of Truck Charity offered to pick up the personal belongings and cremated remains of deceased driver, Mr White, from Milan, NM to his home in Moberly, MO.  Drivers of Trucker Charity volunteer their time to come to the aid of their fallen brethren. So far over $300.00 has been collected to help the family with other expenses.
There are many others who actively support MTDAN by either donations or sharing Social Media Posts to help locate missing drivers.
The FaceBook Fan Page has well over 9,000 fans and the MTDAN Group has over 4300, with over 20/day requesting membership to the group.

Radio shows on Road Dog Radio, including the Dave Nemo Show and Land Line Now with Mark Reddig help spread the word within the trucking community. Other internet radio shows also share awareness such as Truth About Trucking Live on Blog Talk Radio. Missing Truck Driver has also been featured in Land Line Magazine as well as trucking blogs and online journals such as OverdriveOnline.

Lightning Logistics, employer of Lee Fisher of MTDAN, supports the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network and has donated a booth at the Expeditors Expo in Wilmington, OH and the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX.  They also support Trucker Charity’s ” Last Ride Home,”aiding with driver participation and deceased driver transport.

We invite all those who would like to support this much needed and worthy organization by Contributing to MISSING TRUCK DRIVER ALERT NETWORK through PayPal at
You can also support Missing Truck Drivers Alert by purchasing T-Shirts HERE

Sponsorship and Link Pages are under construction. Show your support for Professional Drivers and fly your banner high.
Contact Kari Fisher for more info:


© 2013, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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2013 Truck Driver Social Media Convention – Postponed

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Allen Smith

Allen Smith

The 2013 Truck Driver Social Media Convention has been postponed.

As many of you know, Donna has faced some health issues over the past few years and unfortunately began having more difficulties last month.  Because of this, I have chosen to make the call to postpone the 2013 convention.

It is much easier to call it now than to possibly have to make such an announcement later when attendees have already purchased airline travel tickets and other such expenditures.

Donna is currently undergoing various medical tests and will know within several days, the plan of action the doctors will take to hopefully resolve the matter to the best possibility.  My main concern at this point, is for her to get well.

Donna and I want to express our thanks to everyone who have been so supportive of the TDSMC, including our speakers, special guests and our sponsors who have supported us so generously.

For those who have purchased their convention reservations, as well as the sponsors, Donna will be working to refund the monies as per the TDSMC Terms of Agreement.  We have received almost 200 reservations, so please be patient as Donna will be handling this matter, due to my work schedule and other obligations.

For those who may have already reserved their rooms at the Harrah’s Resort & Convention Center, please contact Harrah’s directly and ASAP for the refund.

The National Truck Parking Survey remains ACTIVE and a presentation will be made publicly and also presented to USDOT-FHWA

Please continue to support the efforts of this most vital need for professional CMV drivers  MORE SAFE TRUCK PARKING
Your participation in this survey is needed more than ever and the results will contribute to the safety and well being of professional drivers as well as the motoring public.

For more information regarding the SURVEY Please contact Hope Rivenburg, co-founder of “Jasons Law” and initiator of the National Truck Parking Survey

Again, we thank everyone for all of their support for the 2013 TDSMC and look forward to 2014!

Allen Smith

© 2013, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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Trucking Community called to support Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

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Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

It’s been over a year since missing truck driver Mark Williams was found deceased in his truck at a truck stop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Feb 4th 2012. Mark had only been missing for 2 days when he was eventually found. Thanks to the efforts of concerned fellow truck drivers, word had quickly spread through Social Media sites, specifically FaceBook and Twitter, reaching thousands in just moments. Thus, the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network was formed.

Unfortunately, many other drivers who have gone missing are not found for long periods of time.
The fact is that hundreds of professional truck drivers go missing every year, many not located for weeks or even months. Here’s a video of why this happens.

Many trucks either do not have GPS units installed or they are installed but not working properly, which was the case for Linda Richards, who was also located through the dedicated  efforts of the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network.


Missing Truck Driver Website  Owners Kari and Lee Fisher

Mission: “The ultimate goal of the Missing Driver Alert Network is to locate and return drivers reported missing to their family, without loss. While we realize that this may not always be the case, we will do our utmost to get the word out to everyone in the trucking community with that goal in mind. We will work with the law enforcement community and truck stops around the country in coordinating any search to achieve this goal.”

Missing Truck Driver Phone #  720.202.5606 Once a notification is received and verified by a company or a police report, as much information is then obtained about the truck, trailer and driver. An Alert is created on MTDAN FB  Pages which allows for  continuous sharing on FB and Twitter.
From there it goes Viral

Facebook Fan Page
FaceBook  Group Page ( Includes law enforcement officers, media and truck company officials.)
Twitter Page @Missing Trucker

Kari and Lee Fisher have NOW taken the Missing Truck Driver Alert to another level, their passion and convictions leading them to remedy the need for locating missing truck drivers. They dedicate their time, money, and resources for the sake of “Locating Missing Drivers” 

They now are seeking the help of the Trucking Community in order to sustain and grow the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network into an organization that can  ALERT and LOCATE  professional drivers on a much more broad and efficient basis.
A drive to collect funds for Missing Truck Driver is underway in order to collectively aid Kari and Lee in the responsibility of the expenses and to also EXPAND the outreach and awareness of this vital program.

Funds collected will be used for the following:
Establish Missing Truck Driver as a 501 (c) (3)
Maintain costs of the website
Establish an 800 number dedicated to MTDAN
Printing and Marketing Material such as brochures, business cards, and advertising
Funding to attend Truck Shows
Funds to finalize the iPhone and Android App

To support Missing Truck Driver Alert  you can do the following:

MTDAN T-Shirts  Support the Cause- Save a Driver Only $10.00 plus S&H

MTDAN T-Shirts
Support the Cause- Save a Driver
Only $10.00 plus S&H

Order T-Shirts from $10.00 -$13.00 ( depending on size)
Contribute to the cause via PayPal account

Purchase Banner advertising and show your support on the Missing Truck Driver Alert Website
Contact Kari Fisher at

What happened last February 4th 2012 is an example of what can be achieved when a  community of concerned individuals comes to the aid and hear the cries of others in need.  It is also an example of how spreading the word via social media can reach thousands in a matter of minutes, creating a surge of even more concerned individuals to spread the message
Finally, it represents the ability of those dedicated to the safety of drivers, to create and establish an organized network and group where friends and loved ones of missing drivers can go to for help!

Special thanks to Lisa Wells, Beth Howells, Robin Wade, and Dee Dutton for aiding in the Alerts which are sent out for MTDAN.
Thank you to Darrell Deford who has recently donated a server to MTDAN and is assisting in the upgrade of the NEW WEBSITE.

© 2013, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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Incoming Transportation Secretary Foxx will focus on safety, efficiency

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Anthony Foxx

Anthony Foxx

Anthony Foxx, who most recently served as the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, has been confirmed as the next U.S. Secretary of Transportation. In a rare display of bipartisanship, the Senate approved Foxx’s nomination in a 100-0 vote following a relatively smooth confirmation process.

Following the Senate vote, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) put out a press release congratulating Foxx on his confirmation.

“ATA is and will continue to be open and eager to assisting Secretary-to-be Foxx as he moves into his new role,” ATA Chairman Mike Card said. “As an industry we share his stated goal of having the world’s safest, most efficient transportation network.”

When he was first nominated, Foxx’s credentials had been questioned by some media commentators, who noted that he has little in the way of direct experience in the transportation sector. However, the former mayor’s involvement with large-scale public transit projects in Charlotte has been held up as evidence of his readiness to head the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

During a confirmation hearing before members of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, Foxx said that “ensuring that our transportation system is the safest in the world will be [his] top priority.” This signals that the DOT will see a substantial level of continuity in terms of policy, as outgoing Secretary Ray LaHood also made vehicular safety a cornerstone of his time in office.

Foxx has also expressed support for new infrastructure development. However, the incoming secretary told lawmakers that he believes it is important for the government to focus on doing what it can to improve the “efficiency and performance of our existing transportation system” before expanding road, rail and other networks through new construction projects.

Broader deployment of GPS technology will support secretary’s goals

There is only so much that the government can do to support safety and efficiency in the nation’s transportation sector. This is particularly true in the automotive sector, as individual drivers have a high level of autonomy and top-down regulation may have a limited impact.

Making significant progress on improving the safety of the nation’s roads demands an approach that addresses conditions at the ground level. For instance, companies that operate sizable vehicle fleets can bolster the safety of their personnel — and the countless motorists with which they share the streets – by implementing a fleet management system.

With GPS tracking devices installed in its vehicles, an organization can monitor its operations in real time and intervene directly in cases where drivers are found to be engaging in speeding or other risky behaviors.

Vehicle tracking software can also aid fleet managers in making their operations more efficient by ensuring that drivers are always able to take the shortest possible routes to their destinations, even in cases where main throughways are rendered inaccessible by weather, construction activity or other disruptions.

© 2013, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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New Release: ARENA 250 Roller Brake Tester

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ARENA 250 Roller Brake Tester

ARENA 250 Roller Brake Tester

Whether you’re driving a class 4, 5 or 7 vehicle, the latest brake testing technology from world renowned manufacturer Stoneridge Electronics is here to get your truck in tip-top shape, and keep your driver safe on the road.

The recently-developed ARENA 250 has been made with flexibility and versatility in mind and provides VOSA approved tachograph calibration too. It really is your one-stop shop for all your brake testing needs.

Working in conjunction with LiftMaster, an already well-established name in the field of brake testing products in the marketplace, Stoneridge have modified the existing assembly to add a ‘360 pulses per revolution’ encoder to improve accuracy.

Stoneridge’s UK Sales Manager Colin MacLean, said he was looking forward to the company’s diversification into roller brake testing: “We’ve taken advantage of our tachograph calibration functionality to give our customers a number of benefits. These include utilization of space, lessening of noise within the workplace and adopting a single piece of technology for tachograph calibration and brake testing.” Watch the full video interview here.

These benefits aside, the machinery boasts easy-to-use technology which guides the user through the complete testing program, automatic roller start-up as soon as the front wheels are in position and superb efficiency through program-controlled evaluations.

But don’t just take their word for it! Andy Salter, of Commercial Motor, went to Scottish vehicle dealer Norscot Truck and Van to see the machinery in action.

“The most effective new vehicle workshops are those that are constantly looking at innovative ways to satisfy their customers, drive efficiency and utilize their workshop,” he explained.

“Users of the ARENA 250 say it is faster, better, easier to use and safer compared to previous technologies. If you’re involved in this sector, [the ARENA 250] should be on the top of your shopping list.”

This technology is ideal if you manage a whole fleet of trucks or are a commercial vehicle workshop owner; each piece of testing equipment can be tailored to suit the needs of your business i.e. adding additional test lane facilities.

What’s most impressive, however, is that the technology can be controlled by a single person – it is quieter, safer, quicker and easy to operate, meaning staff are utilizing their time more efficiently. A full VOSA database comes pre-installed with the software too, so you can ensure each vehicle complies with industry standards and regulations.

For more information about the innovative ARENA 250 Roller Brake Tester, contact Stoneridge Electronics on 01382 866 400.

© 2013, Allen Smith. All rights reserved.

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